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1940 April

1940 October-November

1941 Sept-December

1942 June-July

1942 August-September




      The origins of the diary

      Family background

      My childhood

      Political influences

      The world in the 1930s

      The world at the start of 1940

Chapter 2: 1940

      World events: 1940

      Diary for 1940

Chapter 3: 1941

      World events: 1941

      Diary for 1941

Chapter 4: 1942

      World events: 1942

      Diary for 1942

Chapter 5: 1943—1944

      World events: January 1943—February 1944

      Diary for 1943

      Diary for 1944

Chapter 6: Retrospect

Read / download extracts from the diary below:

Diary from the Edge 1940-1944: a wartime adolescence

by Anthony Ryle

Family and Friends

At School

War in Cornwall and Russia

War Games

Home Front

(last 2 pages)

Ryle Diary